About Ginnys Candy Rose

I began making soap back in 2012.  At the time I had just finished teaching Temari, the Japanese art of embroidering a covered ball, and was wondering what to do next. 

"Why don't you make something people can use?"  Came the the suggestion.  "like what?" I asked.  After a few thoughtful moments the answer came back as, "soap, why not make soap, it's something people use and will need to replace." 

Visualising a regular square no nonsense bar of soap I thought, why on earth would I want to make soap . . . booring!!  However, I decided to check out soapmaking on the internet. 

Was I in for a surprise! Boring?  No, No, No. Beeeeutful soaps, all the colours of the rainbow, and the most amazing designs and patterns.  I was sold, this I just had to do.

With recipes galore, the use of colours and fragrances, plus so many different techniques to learn, this was going to be fun. 

I started with the simple method of soapmaking using melt and pour soap bases before going on to making soap from scratch. I tried different recipes. Some were good, some not so good but all the time using only natural oils and butters meant I wasn't going to waste my mistakes resulting in plenty of soap in my bathroom! 

My aim with ingredients was, and still is, no SLS' or parabens, or silicones or anything similar. I knew that Lush used SLS (Soldium Laural Sulphate) in virtually all of their products and I had no intentions of doing the same. Natural, or nothing.

As time went by I found that my cake decorating skills from way back would come in useful and I set about frosting soaps and cupcakes.  On the down side hearing the words "they are too pretty to use," soon had me putting down my piping bag and making soaps and shampoos that were a little more practical.

Back home in England, 'pretty' is good and 'pretty' sells, maybe because the weather can be so depressing! Anyhow, I adore pretty things and will from time to time add some frosting to a few of my soaps. 

If you would like to see and sniff some of my soaps, and if it isn't raining, you will find me at the Riccarton Market on a Sunday between 9.00am and 2.00pm.